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Algarve, passado, presente e futuro
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Best Site was assigned to the Alberto Sampaio Museum , the Sistemas do Futuro also distinguished because it was responsible for developing the Web site.

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Best Website - Honorable Mention was awarded to the Douro Museum , the Sistemas do Futuro also distinguished because it was responsible for developing the Web site. Designed for the management of museum objects, in arte is used by a large number of institutions Museums, Foundations, Dioceses, Universities, etc.

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Designed for management of cultural heritage, archaeological sites and historic buildings, in domus presents itself as a system with high technical quality allowingThis system is the result of a research process involving experts from different fields and nationalities and is supported by international standards for documentation and management of cultural heritage. In the research and development of this software protocols were established with several universities and institutions enabling them to contribute with the knowledge and expertise of specialized technicians.

It is a technologically advanced and scientifically proven product which enables the integrated management of information on species and specimens supplemented with information on habitat and geographic location. It can also be integrated with Geographic Information Systems.

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One of the fundamental measures established and approved in the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, on October 17th, , which aimed to safeguard the variety of cultural manifestations and expressions, is to draw up inventories. These are the basis for embarking on further safeguarding measures such as: identification, documentation, research, preservation, protection, promotion, enhancement and revival.

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In addition to its stand-alone capability in managing intangible heritage, in memoria can also be used with other applications developed by Sistemas do Futuro for managing all kind of cultural Heritage. It enables the registration and cataloguing of documents according to library guidelines for Monographs, Periodicals, Analyticals, etc.

For historical archives the ISAD structure and multi-level description rules are followed.

It can also provide an effective management for osteological collections in museums, municipalities, universities and other institutions with scientific projects in Physical Anthropology. This application allows consulting and managing detailed information on funerary anthropology, paleodemograpgy and preliminary paleopathological data gathered from excavation sites.

This system provides continuity and complements our line of products respecting the same technical characteristics, interface type and quality that Sistemas do Futuro has been developing for the cultural heritage information management area. Under the umbrella of a global management concept, in patrimonium integrates all the information that exist in various applications in arte , in domus , in doc , in natura and in memoria into a single application, thus ensuring better cultural heritage information management.

Possible Futures: Art, Museums and Digital Archives

NET was developed with the most recent Web technologies. Only in Portuguese Version inthesauri.

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Provides management and maintenance of websites and newsletters through a set of editing features of all sorts of multimedia content, giving institutions full autonomy to manage their pages, thus facilitating their Internet presence. This system allows for information to be looked up dynamically with any of the afore-mentioned databases.

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Based on the technology used to create in web , this product has a specific design in accordance with the target audience defined by the museum or institution. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

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This abstract may be abridged. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. For this the chosen corpus was constituted from the texts of the Superinteressante magazine, and the main concepts used to support this work were the dialogical theory, memories of the future, the incompleteness and the valuation of aesthetic Bakhtin. We will also use Leon , who shows us the ways and history of scientific discourse.

Crônicas Estelares - Livro de Memorias FILME COMPLETO

Thus we have as hypotheses of how this discourse is constructed, how it is valued and how it also serves to entertain and inform. We also use old speeches about the apocalypse, as the Holy Bible, the Mayan prophecies and the prophecies of Nostradamus to turn the discourse of the magazine historical discourses, seeking thereby modeling common to apocalyptic discourse.