Great Is Thy Faithfulness: 365 Devotions from Our Daily Bread
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John Piper Changed ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness.’ Experts Weigh In. Or are the additions purely functional in order to serve the purposes of the moment? Are the changes honestly faithful to the theological perspective of the original author or do they depart from it? Is the poetic voicing seamless or does it sound like two different persons compiled it? One of my earliest experiences of leading worship was as a volunteer pianist playing hymns at a local convalescent home. I still remember the antiseptic smells, the faint echoes from the hall tile floors, the semi-circles of wheelchairs in the community room where we conducted the service.

It never ceased to amaze me that, though most of the residents lived in various states of lucidity, they would suddenly burst into song—strong and sure and certain—when we began to sing hymns. In those moments, I began to understand that these hymns were deeply embedded into their psyches. These expressions of worship form us and live in us in spiritually deep and sometimes profound ways.

People have been revamping lyrics and arrangements for a very long time. But radical changes to hymns—such as adding new stanzas which alter meaning—can be problematic. As worship leaders, our aim should be to encourage that heart connection. There is a long history of preachers and church musicians writing new hymn texts to fit a sermon theme like a glove.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

There is also a long history of interchanging hymn texts and tunes at will. Piper has written serviceable lyrics that wed sermon theme and congregational song.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Morning by morning new mercies I see: all I have needed thy hand hath provided-- Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me! Jeremiah Refrain Pardon for Sin and a peace that endureth, Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide, Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside! Refrain: Great is Thy faithfulness! Bless you saints! Beyond The Sunset - Virgil Brock. Answers are arranged top to bottom from those who favor hymns staying constant to those who favor their malleability.

His creativity and attention to sung theology are admirable. This would allow our generation to produce fresh new congregational songs that have a strong scriptural backbone and tap into the sounds and words of our time. To write new lyrics to older, public-domain hymn tunes is something I generally encourage.

While properly crediting and honoring original musicians and lyricists, their works are a gift to the church.

Like all gifts, they should be used with gratitude, thoughtfulness, and propriety. Given such care, hymns can be fruitfully used as a living inheritance rather than as museum pieces. However, such reuse can be motivated charitably or uncharitably. Someone could consciously rewrite lyrics to have an opposite theological perspective and do so as a kind of snub, or they could do so with humility and care.

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I can imagine someone introducing revised lyrics with a grateful acknowledgment—free of any sense of criticism or superiority—that the original writer had a different background and likely would not say these particular things. Taking a hymn in a new theological direction is far from novel in church history. The Unitarian J.

Wes Hampton - Great Is Thy Faithfulness [Live]

Revising and relocating worship songs is how Christians make hymns meaningful. Is it always permissible? Is it always profitable? Is it always faithful? One can certainly hope so. As a composer and editor, I wrestle with this all the time: Poets and composers want the integrity of their inspiration respected. On the other hand, editors want to make sure that the church at large receives theologically sound and aesthetically constructed hymns and spiritual songs.

Now, the fact that we have Baptist, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. It is more urgent for composers to be less concerned with the particulars of our denominational, cultural, and political preferences and to immerse ourselves in the Scriptures and in our common Christian tradition. We must understand that our job is not so much to be original but to be messengers of the incarnate, crucified, and resurrected Christ. We, North American evangelicals, need to be re-evangelized and re-oriented to Christ and his glory. Good solid hymnology can play a part to move us away from our ideological idolatries.

Worship leaders and liturgists have been changing and modifying hymn texts for years. We may go through a period of discouragement and disappointment, but the Lord whom we serve is faithful till the end. We are serving a BIG Mighty God… We are serving a God, that was faithful in leading millions out of Egypt, fed them for 40 years, and clothed them and took them to the promised land!

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When the problems and challenges are much bigger than what we can handle, it is His faithfulness that gives us the peace, protection and permanence. Let me close with this, over the weekend, I heard something very beautiful — you know why Jesus was sleeping in the boat, when the experienced fishermen were scrambling and shouting for help, in the midst of the storm?

Even today, we need to have the same rest and peace over everything and anything that goes in our life, knowing that He is faithful and HE has complete authority over everything that is in this universe. He is faithful! A hymn that rejoices in the beauty of nature and power of God.

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