The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series (Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama)

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series (Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series (Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama) book. Happy reading The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series (Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series (Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series (Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama) Pocket Guide. When they are thrown together, will love bloom or sparks fly? Justin Miller is one of the producers and host of the reality dating show Who Wants To Marry a Cowboy, but he's tired of helping others find love. He's tired of love in general. Why can't it. Maya was airborne again, suspended between a landless platform above and an inscrutable expanse of water below. Her saltwater distractions aside, her father-in.

Aliens exist, the government knows, and Dan McCarthy just found the proof. When Dan McCarthy stumbles upon a folder containing evidence of the conspiracy to end all conspiracies -- a top-level alien cover-up -- he leaks the files without a second thought. All she wanted was to graduate and help the world. Everything changes when her only friend Vanessa Lewis talks her into covering for her at a catering job. The minute April walked in the door, her curiosi. The A. Now it runs everything and everyone, growing genetically altered humans in labs. It decides who lives and who.

Has one innocent conversation ever changed your life completely? Grace had no idea that telling the alluring stranger about a vacancy in her apartment complex would completely alter her lonely existence. Full-figured pastry chef, Grace Evans has deep reasons why she hides herself from others. Hunting a killer is easy. Learning to love is hard. Josephine 'Jo' Rayburn has no luck with love. Between the demands of her job as a homicide detective, finding the perfect yarn for her knitting projects, and her nosy family, she doesn't have time to find her happily ever after, nor does she rea.

To help my son make the roster for the local minor-league baseball team, I volunteered to be the Team Mom. But I failed to read the contract thoroughly before I signed the dotted line. My "duties" don't just include tallying scorecards and passing out refreshments in the dugout. And "promotin. Amazon five-star reviews. His use of anti-hero protagonists and coming of age challenges is outstanding.


Excellent character development and plotting move a fast-paced adventure tale through enough action to please readers of all ages. They don't call Walt Disney World "the most magical place on earth" for nothing. At the theme parks, the stories really do come alive, and with this ultimate guide to the Disney characters—where to find them, how to meet them—you'll always have Mickey at y. I highly recommend it. Dick By CE, the Hierophant and his Church have risen to political dominance with his cannibalistic a.

Doctor Rowena Halley needs a job. Murland Kadabra has always dreamed of becoming a great wizard. However, at age 19, the young apprentice has yet to successfully cast a single spell. He has been reduced to grounds keeper of Abra Tower, and has become the laughing stock of the wizarding school.

But when the Most High Wizard Kazimir c. No cover charged I learned long ago that I could look—but never touch. My father made it clear: I was no longer his son if I ever sinned with a man. But Connor Strong took hold of my heart the moment I saw on him. And he made that sin sound so, so sweet.

This giveaway is open to international and US participants. If you want a chance to win this fabulous prize, visit Love Books website. Entering is super e. When Benella is locked behind the massive gates of an unforgiving beast's estate, she knows her fate is sealed. Her encounter with the beast starts a bizarre cycle of bargaining for her freedom, a freedom the beast seems determined to see her lose. A foxy fox shifter and a sexy, alpha wolf shifter can fall in love…but is it a star-crossed romance doomed by their clans?

Considering she's cynical about love on a good day, her missions become a touch harder. Her biggest challenge is living with her Aunt Jeanie. As much as Bex tries to please her aunt, they always seem to butt heads. Sometimes Bex feels as if Aunt Jeanie goes out of her way to make her life miserab. This book sets out to describe the path to a new beginning for people who are trying to find meaning beyond the ever-changing day-to-day experience, are suffering from excessive dependence and coping with various behavioral and addictive issues, and for professional practitioners.

The program is. Danger and dungeons, swords and spells, sins and savories, and a dash of perilous ambitions await Blaze a path into magical worlds filled with kick butt heroine. The Man of the House is deviant, and his Little Brats and Princesses are not going to get away from him.

He's conquering every last one in this MEGA bundle of 80 stories, so make sure you pick it up now before he changes his mind and locks you out of his dirty mind.

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A man could get in trouble thinki. Love, family, and pets — four novellas set in the fictional town of Laurel, North Carolina. Join thirteen-year-old Liam on the adventure of a lifetime as he gets pulled into a strange new world to complete a quest. If he can't finish his mission in time, he may be stuck in that world A captivating and hilarious adventure novel, sure to grab and hold the attention of even rel.

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Bullied, beaten, hospitalised. Superstar quarterback Caleb Sawyer never feels more alive than when he's with independent and strong-willed Callie Beltran, but she always manages to leave him in the dust. Callie has learned the hard way never to get too attached to anyone, but when she unexpectedly reunites with Caleb, long-buried.

In the guise of a romantic adventure, The Shasta Gate embarks on a breathtaking exploration of love, consciousness and the nature of reality on California's legendary Mt. Girl on a horse, guy on a motorcycle, passionate and erotic romance, deliciously wicked bad guys, and a mysterious Indian. Thirty planets. Two suns. One war. Danger Everywhere. For interplanetary cargo runners Tawny and Benjar Dash, life is about living on the down low and avoiding the war.

But when a job goes wrong and Benjar is captured by a nefarious conspiracy group, it's up to Tawny to strike a bad bargain with. Everyone knows that if you play with fire you'll end up getting burned… What happens when you attend a first responder's bachelor auction with your best friends? Well, if your name is Madison Kelly like me. Following the same routine, day in and day out, Charlie Winters was about to give up on getting the break she deserved.

Things begin to look up when her brother Nick suggested she to come to New York to work at his landscaping company. Moving from the small town of Cedar Grove to the big Apple was e. The battle-hardened agent becomes a believer shortly before being smuggled out of Iran to freedom in Turkey.

Back in the States, Titus learns he's been targeted by a Hezbollah assass. Includes three full-length novels. Bad to the bone. Fall for the hottest mountain men around in a collection box set of 3 Amazon Best Sellers. Picking a favorite? Putting the Kindle down? Includes Amazon top titles Feral, Reckless, and Savage. Mysterious strangers. Hidden abilities. Inescapable darkness… Join our courageous heroines and heroes as they battle demons, governments, and secret organizations in worlds where fae, vampires, angels, witches, humans, and more fight for survival.

Cursed Lands will lead you through one doome. Fortunately, Kasey is rarely on time. Born a witch, she considered her gift nothing more than affliction that. Fourth in the award-winning Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers series. Hallie and Cory set out to find the lost parents of Mr. Snuggywhiskers, the dapper, well-spoken mouse who lives in the tallest tree in their backyard. Finally, they spot the clue that may lead them to the Cap'n and Helen.

But will Halli. Thanks to her rare blood type, Aurora Sky is forced to hunt vampires for a government agency in Alaska while juggling school, dating, and secret missions. With the help of an undercover informant, an overzealous partner, and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Maddening, Aurora takes on the underworld and the decei. Third in the award-winning Tales of Mr. Hallie and Cory are determined to figure out Mr.

Slowly they unravel the mysterious past of Mr. Snuggywhiskers, the dapper, well-spoken mouse who live. She was a happy woman who lived a fairytale life. Shurka, her husband, and their two children lived a fairytale life. Or so they thought… When WWII broke out, they understood how wrong they were and escaped into the dark forest, hoping to survive.

So, the second-to-last thing she expected was to wake from a spontaneous coma, quarantined, and with super powers she has to hide from everyone, including her family. Now Zita m. Hallie and Cory were surprised when they discovered that their grandmother knew about Mr. But how could she?

They had met him when they climbed over a magic branch and, astonishingly, found themselves shrunken to mouse size and standing before the small, red door, with the cheese-sha. Working hard to graduate at the top of her class and becoming the best FBI agent had finally paid off for Agent Gabrielle Jackson. Selected to head one of the most important operations of her career, the unexpected happens when Jagged Edge Security is brought in to assist.

The last thing that Gabrie. When Hallie and Cory cross a magic branch that shrinks them to mouse size, they make the acquaintance of Mr. Snuggywhiskers—the friendly, well-spoken mouse who lives in the tallest tree in their backyard. From the day that Hallie discovers his tiny red door to the moment that Hallie and Cory reali.

In this cleverly and darkly funny noir set in the smoky world of San Francisco, a down and out private detective, Joe Nails, experiences a series of surrealistic yet disturbing dreams, in which his once best friend, Mark Tamlyn, pleads for his help, before turning a gun to his head and firing. Loki knows his place but has no intention of staying there! A secret portal on Asgard has repeatedly, almost forcibly, drawn the youngest Asgardian prince to the human world, Midgard. The most significant ceremony of Loki's life draws ever closer, yet he cannot resist the adulation he experiences.

Being a warden is tough work at the best of times. A fun cozy mystery novella. She has a memory like a steel trap! Okay, a sieve. Dotty is a year-old weredodo who loves cozy mysteries. So naturally, when her house gets robbed, she has to solve the mystery of who did it. But the criminal was far more than a simple sneak thief. The most im. Something big is coming to the Mile High City Not since the Gold Rush has Denver, Colorado seen a population boom like this.

People are arriving in droves to take advantage of the majestic Rocky Mountain setting, an untapped housing market, and of course recent drug liberalization. What no one. Lauren has only two days to prepare for the most important rehearsal of her life. Jerry betrays his gala and there are dire consequences. This is a hot book but the awaiting shocks certainly cool the reader's fever.

Read this and its sister books. Erotic suspense at its best. When a person is at the end of their rope, the only thing left to do is survive. That is exactly what Emma Atwood had been doing for most of her life. Finally getting a break, she gets hired as a maid at a ritzy hotel, but finds that it is still not enough. Tired of living the life she was handed, s. Determined to uncover the secrets of a mysterious artifact, fourteen-year-old alchemy student Craig Pike and his teacher, Cornelius, journey to the birthplace of alchemy to seek the advice of a wise, ancient alchemist named Quintus.

With the help of a witty archer, Audrey Clife, they trek across dan. The X-Files meets Ghost Hunters when psychic Kimberly Wantland is forced to collaborate with skeptic Sterling Wakefield as she investigates a ghost terrorizing a young family in the season finale of her hit television series The Wantland Files.

He's a cowboy looking for love. She's a makeup artist trying to reinvent herself. A reality show brings them together, but he doesn't like playing the game, and she's not a contestant. Will they find love, or will the rules keep them apart? Special short story offer included.

Details in book. But even i. An outstanding, deeply emotional collection of poems and essays. Duality is prevalent in nature and humanity, yet all too often our differences are viewed as negative traits. As a means to explore the depths of the human spirit, the author compiled a series of poems, essays, original artwork, and. Will she give him a second chance, or is it already too late? A Terrifying Power. A Horrifying Curse. Lucy Piper lives a lonely existence on the precipice between life and death. She possesses the horrifying ability to resurrect real-life tragic events in her nightmares, reliving over and over, as if she were there, the last few moments before the victim ta.

Relative Genius chronicles a variety of the funny, silly, and misguided things said and done by adults. It might be from a relative, a friend, or the relative genius of strangers that think of themselves as intelligent. It could be considered a malapropism, an eggcorn, or a misspoken idiom.

When Prince Edward of Calais received a note implicating his wife in an affair, he was furious. Annette woke up disoriented, not knowing who she was or. Now a USA Today bestseller. Join the five McCabe siblings on their journeys to the dark and dangerous side of love! This collection includes all the books in this new spinoff series. Don't Stop Me, Don't Catch. When a young man chooses a forbidden calling, he must prove his worth. A fantasy tale for all ages filled with magic, ambition, betrayal, and compassion.

Foreman of the Calhoun Ranch, Trip Jensen has watched Lori struggle to keep up with the demands of the ranch and the rodeo stock. When more. Charlie Hong is on the run from both sides of the law. One Vampire. Her three lovers and an ancient prophecy all adds up to some smokin' hot fun with twists you won't see coming! No bonnets. No Bibles. Lots of bullets. A human drama, an emotional journey into the lives of two women and those closest to them.

As children, Frankie Cavalese and Callie Mason were the very best of friends, growing up together behind opposite walls of a row home in a blue-collar neighborhood of Philadelphia called Rainytown. The frie. She hires Jason Duffy, a year-. Just released out after 30 years of solitary confinement, Phillip is a mentally troubled and lost ex-con. His lawyer, David Thompson, and his family want to help.

When Phillip threatens to kill David and his family, the lawyer must untangle the ex-con's past before a serial killer is unleashed. A Jewish sociologist from Manhattan takes a romantic gamble and follows a handsome Latino doctor to rural New Mexico where their love is tested by his surly mama, a gorgeous ex-girlfriend, a Son of Sam copycat, and cultural differences. As daughter of the late pack alpha, Regan Vuk is certain the title and responsibility is hers now.

She is fast, smart, determined and has trained for this future her whole life. Charlie Vuk yearns to belong. One Woman. Her ultimate desire. The three men who love her. Can they overcome their haunted pasts to give her life she has yearned for? Every day that pas. He takes my hand and sweeps me away from the flashing lights. I invite him up. He jus. As the goddess predicted, there are always consequences to going into the past.

Now Mari must find a way to get her loved ones back. That may require an old friend whom she never wished to see again. He might be able to teach her to t. Determined to find out what happened, Melinda lands in England, only to get more than she bargained for. She sacrificed herself to save her family from poverty. My obsessive Fae brother-in-law wants the crown. And he wants me ruling by his side. I thought I was done with romance until a certain pompous elf reappeared in my life at the i.

A world of magic and adventure awaits… Sent to live with her strict, aloof, and uncaring uncle after her parents are killed in a car accident, twelve-year-old orphan Alyssa McCarthy longs for the life she used to have—one filled with fun and love. Then one stormy night, a message appears in t. Four princes in a tropical paradise? Yes, please. I came to this island to help with the royal zoo. In a dystopian America ruled by vampires, two sisters must attempt to survive in the harsh new world while trying not to fall for the vampire royals who desire them Receiving unwanted attention after foiling an armed robbery, the unhuman Inspector Hobbes takes a long-overdue camping holiday, with Andy, his accident-prone friend, and Dregs, the delinquent dog.

In the bleak and dangerous Blacker Mountains, Andy stumbles across something shocking, before falling f. Jayne just watched a man fall to his death. She knew it was going to happen. And she still couldn't save him. It's all a lie.

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The future is static, it can't be changed. Jayne knows. She's cursed to see when death is coming, and she's powerless to change it. She can't even help Aar. The book interleaves understandings about happiness, brain, mind and how to live a better and happier life with a personal story of a diversified career, interrupted by an advanced stage cancer, the battle, deep mediations, and discovering the answers.

It contains short stories and original illus. When my magic manifested at puberty, my parents sold me to the Illuminati. TheOrder of the Illuminati trained me as an assassin, spy, and thief. But when they sent me to steal a magical artifact that reveals Truth in all things, I discovered that I was working for the Dark and not the Light. The Ill. An uptight builder.

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A quirky travel show host. An explosive passion that surprises them both. Six years of traveling for her television series has left host Kiley Nelson longing for a place to call her own. In 18th Century revolutionary France, Lilly Parris risks everything in order to reunite with a lost love. In , a disreputable young man breaks his engagement by accusing his fiancee, Lilly, of witchcraft.

Little does he know, she really is a witch. Filled with suspense, twists and turns. Will Lilly get her revenge? Are you a complete loser with no self-esteem? Do you want to learn the"secret" that will turn. All you have to do is do what I say and all of this can go away. When a tragic accident from her past surfaces,.

FOLLOW: Akashic Dreaming Through Time captures the essence of life and its difficulties in continuing to pursue our beliefs even though they might no longer serve us throughout our lives.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Brilliant, compelling and refreshing! - Charlie " Reuben". Excellent The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series ( Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama) - Kindle edition by Ruth Ford Elward. Download it. Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series: (Paranormal Mystery, Fantasy Drama) . If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller .

While writing, I was asked: What are the Akashic Records? Which is a great question because there are various. This first book of five begins in in Port Royal, Jamaica, where Atia Crisp is imprisoned, awaiting trial, while refugees from Strangewayes's plantation seek their new home. Guided by Capitaine la Roche, they face pursuit by the pirate hunter Big Dick and the perilous terrain of Bocas del Toro.

A swaddled baby girl is found on a doorstep. Can they succeed? Volume 1 of 6 begins in Port Royal, Jamaica, with Atia Crisp and her sister Livia shipwrecked and sold into slavery. They are separated and Atia is used as a pawn in a deadly card game at the Swiftsure Tavern until she is liberated by sugar merchant Capitaine la Roche. Hunted at every turn, the. Encounter little known tales from the fascinating life of David the King — his alliance with the Phoenicians; peace with the Canaanites; many marriages, the women he honored, including female writers commissioned to write large tracts of the Bible.

A former spy with a dark secret and a past he can't outrun. A mysterious cult that steals beautiful teenagers. A looming battle between light and dark, and the girl who drags him into the middle of it all. Steven sees demons and has even had to fight a few. Lately, they've taken an interest in hi. Our body talks to us through pain and other sensations. These signals communicate what needs attention and healing. This book offers an alternative -perspective to the conventional perception of pain.

Pain is a valuable resource for self-understanding and spiritual growth. Learn to read the body's s. Sometimes the only place left to go is home. Dealing with issues from abuse to living with depression and anxiety, Shaun openly discusses the pain that has kept his mind captive most of his life. Freeing himself from these struggles, he hopes to eithe.

Brilliantly crafted and captivating. A supernatural mystery for lovers of young adult fiction. A young girl has a paranormal experience that leads her to investigate the cause of her sister's death. Allie Caine has been forced into a world of warring vampires and shifters. Her own magical abilities have only just awakened and she finds that those abilities have placed her front and center in the supernatural war.

Hopelessly outgunned, her only chance is to build an army of shifters that will. When her freedom is compromised, she turns to her trusted friend, Nikki Jennings, to help her. The year is It's a race across the globe as Aisling and the prince travel on a series of secret missions. From the shores of Asia to the wilds of western Ireland, a chase ensues as dark forces seek to destroy them both. Aisling's magical powers are increasing, but enemies lurk around ev.

When he is seven, Ron Campbell loses everything: his family, his home, even his ability to walk. The only things that sustain him are his indomitable spirit and his friends. His dream is to b. Is Austen willing to risk her job, or is she being played by Th. The leader of the Soviet Union instructs his Defense Marshal to go on a limited military operation to put an end to the civilian uprising. He forms a scheme that will. Start your own Podcast easily and grow your business with a proven system. What if you could create your podcast in a few short weeks? What if you could use your podcast to grow your business with a few simple steps?

Imagine becoming a podcast host while growing your business and achieving your l. When the love of his life goes missing, he'll risk everything to find her. Worse, a storm has washed away any potential evidence, and with nothing to go on, the park ran. The past may not be done with us. Fifty years after the end of World War II, Anna is plunged into the world of the "ordinary" Munich girl who was her mother's confidante -- and Hitler's lover -- and finds her every belief about right and wrong challenged.

He was busy supporting his wife on her final journey when their eyes met. She too was there with her husband. A while later, they accidently meet again and their fleeting glance develops into a loving partnership. Brenawyn McAllister must be convinced that she is the prophesied Druid high priestess and taught to use her powers in time to defend against those that would take it from her.

The Coven, initially tasked with protecting the balance, has been polluted by the greed for power. Failing to successfully t. A sister that runs away and simply vanishes. A forbidden love affair. Turmoil between a father and daughter. An eviction with nowhere to go. A dark secret. Lies and deceit. Hope Tammy Mellows, a fourteen-year-old native of England, was shocked when her father a. When Pillar Beccon travels across Andor to learn more about her dead mother's mysterious past, she is chased across Andor by demons, who seek to destroy her. Running from Demons tells the story of Pillar's search to find a place to call her own.

Click to learn more if you love to read about magic an. What Doug finds in the secret compartment of his new red Corvette will forever change his life. Doug and Catherine come from two different worlds. Doug grew up dirt poor and full of envy of others who had the thin.

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When a trailer load of her star broncs disappears her ranch is threatened. And her life. No man will ever abuse her again. Taking a self-defense class, Brie begins to regain the confidence she lost and move on with her life. Three full-length romances set in the Hawaiian paradise of Kona and sunny shores of Santa Barbara.

Each novel is a standalone with an HEA and no cliffhanger; books. This book could be a book that changes your life. The foundation of everything is based on one thing, YOU! The book is about an investigation of why we think the way we do. A mysterious race of North American giants. An ancient Hebrew inscription in a Cherokee burial mound. A blood oath made by blindfolded Freemasons. A new evil lurks in the darkness. After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears. This digital box set contains four exciting, action-packed books.

Bailey and Lewis, complete stra. She had a strict upbringing. He was in a motorcycle club. Dex Mitchell was the heir to a billionaire manufacturing empire, but to step up to his rightful place in the business, he would have to embrace a relationship with the father who abandoned him…and t. Their females were killed thirty years ago, but this year, the One True Mate Prophecy comes of age. No shifter knows exactly what that means, but Trevor Burbank, wolf shifter and police lieutenant in charge of finding their unseen threat, is about to find out.

Entire series currently at sale price. I know because I was there. My name is Loki. A thousand years ago, give or take a century or two, I walked the Nine Realms with my brothers, spre. Ex-Army Texas boy Owen Harding fears only one thing—his inner beast. But a hate group is hunting the Wilding pack, so. Mjetek finds himself in Auschwitz after taking part in Zionist underground activities trying to fight against the Nazi occupation of Warsaw. He meets his brother and understands that their entire family has been massacred and that their days are numbered.

At workin a factory, a melted piece of ir. Alternately heart-wrenching and heartwarming--and delivered in an engaging dual-author format Days to Live will speak to anyone struggling with an "incurable" disease, building a business under trying circumstances, or anyone who just loves a good old-fashioned, "beating-the-odds" story.

High-class sisters Nellie and Claire Preston take a wild-west adventure where they find small-town cowboys, devilish outlaws, scandalous family secrets, and the blush of new love. A perfect, clean page-turner for anyone in search of a feel-good western historical-romance. A fun family vacation turns into an apocalyptic nightmare when a couple and their young son find themselves trapped in the Irish countryside during an international crisis.

With all contact outside the country gone, all electricity and all except horse-powered vehicles useless and desperate bands of. Alyssa Cressfield always wanted a pet—a big, sexy man who would look impressive on a leash. Now, she is finally ready to realize her dream. She visits a pet training center, intending to buy a trained pet. Instead she finds Jax, a fierce human-alien hybrid freshly caught from space, still untamed. There was a time when Taliesin Weaver thought being able to access the memories and skills of past lives was cool. Unfortunately, he has a secret enemy from one of those past lives who wants him dead--or worse.

Clean Romance Series Prequel — Some people makes plans Find out how the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series began, and how Lora discovered the sleepy rural t. What is a home? She adjusts to her new surroundings the only way she knows how, by finding little mysteries to. Having grown up amongst the Family of Assassins, ELEN-AI knows well the prices people are willing to pay to see their enemies fall quickly, quietly, and discreetly. When she is asked to preserve life rather than take it, she i.

Jeb wants a family. Zach wants to find gold. Juan wants revenge. They recover Becky but kill Miguel and his gang in a bloody. She never imagined that fate would catapult her into the surreal world of Isaac Coles, mega film star. Smoking Hot. Modern day Cinderellas, handsome royalty, and business empires run from glass skyscrapers! The end of the world is just the beginning. First, came the quakes. Then, the hounds and the infected.

Finally, the hunter. Smarter, stronger, and harder to avoid. When bestselling author Eve Michaels puts an ad out seeking hands-on experience in farming for her latest book, she never expects to discover more than about agriculture and horses. She's set in her single city life until a desperate woman answers the ad Destiny is calling her. Lucas is a mess—broken when he lost his mate—and in no shape to claim a new one. Can he break down the walls ar. Adrienne Morales is a hunted woman. Stalked by Voids—people immune to magic—and pursued by a deadly past, Adrienne wants nothing more than to avoid spells and sorcery.

Her powers as an enchantress make that impossible. Somehow through it, all the story is hopeful, positive, humoro. One girl, three immortals, and the underworld to redeem. But the mark on her wrist proves otherwise. Thrust into a world full of lies and deception, she has no alternative but to trust the three banished immortals who inform he. Believing in second chances, Tessa follows her heart and lets Xavier back into her life. Just when things. For the past seventy years, deep in the mountains and totally secluded from civilization, a matriarchal society has thrived.

In this small village there are no brothers, no fathers, no sons. In this village men exist only to serve the women, and boys have no mothers. In this village men do as they a. Fun and hilarious characters take center stage in this action-packed mystery. Professional poker player Nadia Wolf is knocking down arrogant men one hand at a time. Are you searching for an exotic destination with fascinating history, turquoise colored sea, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife?

After vacationing and exploring many exotic destinations all over the world, the traveler Amit Offir arrives in Malta to enjoy everything the island has to offer. From to , the world was blessed with the once-in-a-lifetime genius Nikola Tesla.

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From his explorations of alternating currents to harnessing the power of Niagara Falls, he worked hard to bring society not only into the twentieth century but far beyond. The Pakistan Conspiracy, A Novel of Espionage, is a suspenseful Al Qaeda terror thriller that charts a conspiracy against the human race in the months following Osama Bin Laden's capture and death in One look… That was all it took for Gabe Maguire to realize something was missing in his life.

After beating cancer and returning to the cage to claim victory in the octagon, Gabe was ready to settle into his life in Hope Falls as a firefighter. The sexy MMA champion was grateful to be alive but s. Why would a collector of ancient American artifacts hand over his prized pieces to a historian and then shoot himself in the head?

Either way, the adventure spells danger for everyone involved. Grim Reapers. Saving lives.

Lessons in love. For some, it's a fictitious world. But for Debra Stone, it's everyday life. After a chance encounter with a man she enjoys throws her down a path she almost can't believe, she struggles to cope with her newfound purpose. Ushering sou. Add Peacemakers to your cart now to get the special launch price! When is war a just war? Should outsiders intervene in civil wars, and how? Jack Macleef is the captain of the ship in a world where space travel has only recently become the n.

In this six-story building, most who occupy the rooms are long-term residents, though some stay for as little as an hour. We've brought the heat with paranormal bad boys who will leave you begging for mor. Two households, both alike in dignity The Blossoms of and the Dudes of each lost a member to flippin' Love. Insert eye-roll here. What's a well-brought up young lady to do when she finds herself becoming a vampyre?

On the one hand, Lady Charlotte Chalmers would rather cut off her own hand than court social disgrace. On the other hand, a girl needs to eat. And that's Lady Charlotte's dilemma. Lady Charlotte's Dilemma is a no. Welcome to Sweethome, a town owned by the cruel Thacker family. The second Matt Banister Western exposes town corruption to religious persecution. From the world of professional boxing to the farthest northern logging camps and the human suffering and tragedies in between. I'm just a small-town girl working undercover as a sex slave in order to expose an international human trafficking ring.

Sounds crazy, right? But I'm not alone. Psychoanalyst, philosopher, gentlemen, and friend—the Frenchman is to hot sex what cr. I can see myself here, building a life with him. Elias was my first love, and now. A debutante and the heir to a duke in an arranged marriage. She cuts in shadows and hides her scars under satin and lace. He thinks he's married the ideal lady Can love overcome life's imperfections?

Unforgettable Sizzling Historical Romance. Welcome to the night. You thought things that went bump in the night only exist in books and movies? So did Arianna Grace, until she became one of them. But she is not the only type of night human that lives off of drinking blood. As the rarest and only one of her kind, Arianna must find her place i. A corrupt corporation.

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Ruthless assassins. Will the family that runs together… die together? Fifteen-year-old Zach Monaghan has a target on his back. Zach wants to g. The History of the World wasn't what Valerie was taught. The daughter of a vampire and sister of a devil walking, Valerie finds out she has something neither her brother nor her father possess: She has Honor.

Setting off on a journey to America, she finds herself stepping up to be the Justice. When a pregnant 16 yr old shows up at a diner alone, she changes her life and that of the 24 yr old owner. They spent eighteen years taking care of each other and now the baby girl that brought them together is leaving for college. Is she giving them a reason to move on or stay together? In the not-so-distant future, a culinary student—and daughter of the assassinated secretary of state—is forced to work in the kitchen of a Russian general whose army occupies an America torn apart by civil war.

To rebel could prove deadly, but how long can she serve the men destroying her countr. Louis and Mercy Watts is on vacation from her parents. But when a family friend has a fatal heart attack, Dad has one of his famous feelings and orders Mercy to look into it. In , Lady Aisling inherits an army of men and a fleet of merchant ships. But her greatest legacy is her new powers -- the ability to control sky, earth, fire and water.

Thrust into a new world, she is now part of a secret society, serving as ambassador to kings and courts around the globe. Everyone has a story and for Xavier London, he preferred to keep his hidden. As ruthless as he was, he still had morals and those morals included betraying the one man who saved his life.

He never thought that meeting one woman could change everything. Tessa Sands never knew the truth about her l. Invaded our planet, rounded us up, decimated the human race. We fought back, and some even say we won, but. Post-apocalyptic, alien invasion thriller: When humanity vanishes, a group of survivors must unravel the mystery while defending themselves from hordes of creatures swarming the planet. The humans must take sides, forming an alliance with Earth's own creatures, and two boys with special gifts may ch.

You should never mix business with pleasure… right? Meet my brand-new intern, who also happens to be the man I hired to be my escort for the night. I want him, but do I want him bad enough to risk everything,. Second-born children were hidden by their families and kept up only at night. I've been raised as the good, obedient daughter, but I never expected to be sold to pay my father's debts.

The foreman of the construction crew is going to make me pay every last cent. He shattered my defenses, and I was fragile to begin with… The first time I saw Adam Black, I was between the arms of a criminal, a gun to my throat and even then, I knew I was staring at the most dangerous man in the room. Maybe it was his confident, cerulean eyes, or the sex appeal radiati. Would you know if a small god paid you a visit? Would you trust in the least of miracles or believe in the messages that appear out of the blue on your computer screen?

What would it take to make you believe? As the story unfolds, there is an ancient godling adrift in the Universe and he is despe.

Beaneath Deception Everyone has a story and for Xavier London, he preferred to keep his hidden. Tessa Sands never knew. One man leaves the life of a lawman behind him and works to clean up a new area in space. On the planet now known as High Tortuga, the mine workers are far too close to being slaves so the ruler of the planet shut them down. Except for the mine owned by Venfirdri Lan. He's taken his mine of. Lawson Scott can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The days of being chained to a wall and unbearable beatings are over. Now, He's renovating a hotel where shifters can relocate and feel safe.

His family has reunited and Liv, the woman he loves, is by his side. When he takes on the rol. All it takes is one morning for Sydney Photographer Lily Bianchi's life to go off the rails and over a cliff. A well-dressed English woman turns up at her door, swearing she's a witch. If that. At the wake of the 20th Century, Jewish families left Europe in search of a better life in the New World. Leib Edri and Chaim Lubinsky land in South America, take a role in the incipient Jewish community, marry and create a new life for themselves.

After the emergence of the destructive, godlike Titans, the world is more dangerous than ever.

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Now age 87, Dr. Tablet of Olympus: Vol. Together, these beautifully crafted tales constitute a unique and important collection that offers both offers both intellectual pleasure and pure narrative excitement on virtually every page. Amazon Payment Products. Belsey also suggests that from the liberal humanist perspective people are seen as the sole authors of their own actions, and hence of their own history, and meaning is the product of their individual intentions. The doctors told him he would never do martial arts or even walk again.

When drone pilot David Hunter is recruited to join a top-secret military program, he learns the government has captured the Titan Prometheus. Once considered a hero by many, Prometheus is now an empty s. Will they surrender to their feelings even if it means losing a deal? Code Revisions 1. Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs.

Download ZIP. Se7en ,Mystery Thriller. Holland's Opus ,Drama. Wrong ,Comedy. Vincent, The ",Drama. Julie Newmar ",Comedy. Parker and the Vicious Circle ,Drama. Part Deux ,Action Comedy War. Butterfly ,Drama Romance. Jones ,Drama Romance. Wonderful ,Comedy Romance. Doubtfire ,Comedy Drama. Io speriamo che me la cavo ",Drama. Bilko ,Comedy. Winterbourne ,Comedy Romance.

Wood Jr. Moreau, The ",Sci-Fi Thriller. Louis ,Musical. Muir, The ",Drama Fantasy Romance. Smith Goes to Washington ,Drama. Police Assassins a. In the Line of Duty 2 Huang gu shi jie ",Action. Larry Flynt, The ",Comedy Drama. Tie Me Down! Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance ,Documentary. Jungle 2 Jungle ,Children Comedy. Shall We Dansu? Jane ,Action Drama.

Brown a. Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown ",Drama Romance. Dalloway ,Drama Romance.