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Users browsing this forum: Majestic [Bot] and 31 guests. Quick links. I emailed Steve recently, and he said he would be happy to come to the forums and share the list!

It speaks to a primal pit in our brains. It makes anyone want to get up and get their knees going! Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand - Sir Duke Thank you in advance! Everyone you meet fights a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. As noted, all of these songs rank between 1, and 2, all-time for me. If anyone has a question or comment on a particular song, or wants to see the actual entry on a song listed here, please let me know.

Louis Blues Apr. After the incredible one of the greatest four-year periods in the history of pop music recording PBS's "American Epic" helps illustrate why , things slowed down quite a bit in the early s, with the Depression. But the record industry started to pick up again somewhat in , and by the following year, a new Golden Age, the Swing Era, was flowering. Stop and Listen Blues Feb. Body and Soul Oct. Louis Blues Feb. The decade began in a blaze of glory with the heart of the Swing Era, with great records being released almost weekly. The devastating musician union's strike that hit in August brought most recording to a screeching halt, so the next couple of years were pretty slow.

Star Dust Jan.

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But Not for Me Dec. Johnson Merry Christmas, Baby Dec. The s would have been even longer, but I split that decade into two chapters in order to make the two volumes a little more equal. I consider the period as the third "Golden Age" in popular song recording following the great and periods.

Just about every musical genre was producing great records on a regular basis--rock, pop, soul, blues, folk, country, jazz, classic vocals, Broadway, and gospel. Sandman Oct. I'm just afraid that if i start reading the next update will be even more delayed Anyway, I noticed that you posted in a different thread. If it's ok I will try to merge the threads. I hope you have these lists readily available, so you're not basically writing your book or at least the index a second time! I finally received my copies of Volumes 3 and 4 yesterday, and I've gotta say, they look fabulous.

They come in at total pages to encompass the 1, song performances. And i love the sky-blue covers. Of course it's the content that matters most, and I feel very, very good about that.

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Postman Sept. This is when I began listening to pop music I bought my first albums as a kid in late , so of course it's one of my favorite time periods. Here are the songs whose stories are told in the book: E. In the Name of Love Feb. Sorry if this has been answered before, but what is the last chapter of your books? These were important years in my musical education.

I had started listening to pop radio in , and this grew a little more each year. In January , I began compiling weekly Top 40 song lists, based on my personal preferences and local radio airplay. I compiled my first all-time-greatest songs ranking in while in high school. These all-time lists grew to a top by , a top 1, by , a top 2, by , and sprawled to over 10, songs by They served as an early basis for these books.

Jones Oct. No common see on this kind of lists. I had originally posted this list elsewhere in the forums, so for the sake of consistency, it should be here, so that anyone can find the entire song list in one place. Ossman The Liberty Bell Jan. Gaskin Smoky Mokes Oct. Ossman Honolulu Cake Walk Nov. The Herald Angels Sing Oct.

Burleigh The Hesitating Blues Sept. While still not exactly qualifying as a casual purchase, for anyone who's really a serious music lover and student of pop cultural history and certainly a lot of folks in this group fit that description , the discounts provide a more affordable way to dig deeply into that history. The four volumes together tell the stories behind more than 2, great song performances from to What a Beautiful World Oct. In the U.

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However I'm a little curious - was Volume 2 ever posted? So I assume they can be found in the Forums. No Myth Jan. Lang Galileo Aug. Extended Version 9. Dub Version Like A Prayer Bass Dub 4. Like A Prayer Dub Beats 5. Spotlight Dub 6. Erotica Underground Tribal Beats 7.

Fever Radio Edit Rain Radio Remix Fever Edit Two Fever Oscar G's Dope Dub Fever Back To The Dub 2. DEMOS : 1. I Get Excited [] 3. Two Devided By Zero [] 4. Rent [] 5. It's A Sin [] 6. I Want A Lover [] 8. Later Tonight [] 9. Interview with Neil on Later with Jools [] Being Boring Live on Later with Jools [] DEMOS : again : 1. Bubadubadubadum aka "All My Wasted Time" [] Jealousy [] Oh Dear [] Retrospective Megamix 7inch Version [] Retrospective Megamix 12inch Version []. Retrospective Megamix [? Paninaro '91 Italian House Mix [] 9. Suburbia Arthur Baker Dub Mix [] Somewhere Forthright Dub Full Length [] 7.

West Side - East Side Megamix [9. One More Chance Demo Version [] 2. West End Girls Nouvelle Version [] 4.

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West End Girls Shep Mastermix [] 5. West End Girls Shep Dub [] 6. West End Girls Sasha Dub [] 7. Love Comes Quickly Dub Mix []. Take Me Higher B.

Take Me Higher Eclipse Mix [] 5. Kiss Of Life House Mix [] 2. Surrender Your Love House Mix [] 9. I'll Be There House Mix [] 2. Smooth Opearator Original Long 12" Version [] 4. Slave Josh Patrick's Mission Mix [] 6. Siempre Hey Esperanza House Mix [] 9. Deep Mix []. King Of Sorrow Guru Mix [] 6. By Your Side Neptunes Mix [] 7. House Mix [from HM 4] 4. PBonus] Fever 12" Instrumental 2. Fever T's Extended Dub A 3. Fever Peggy's Nightclub Mix 5.

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Rescue Me Lifeboat Dub 7. Rescue Me Houseboat Dub 8. Rescue Me Disaster Dub 9. Gambler Extended Dance Mix Gambler Instrumental Remix LIBRA pres. Sofa Mix 7. P [Sep 86 International] 7. ATB vs. BABY D. Dub Version 2. Late Night Session Mix 9. Original Version 2. Tokapi's On Track Mix 3.

Timewriter Remix 7. Hard Express Rhythm Masters 8. Ultimate Vocal Mix 2. Wipe Out Mix - Part 2. ALEEM feat. Eternal Prime Cuts [V3-I12]. Prime Cuts DJ Remix 5. Mix Remix 6. Original Pure Trance 8. Mix 2 9. Werbespots Kurd Maverick House Mix 1 4. Kurd Maverick House Mix 2 5. Spacemonkeyz Master Remix 6. Spacemonkeyz Instrumental 7. ART - Imperfect Instrumental Mix 4. ELLIS feat. Promo Edit [Radio Version Intro] Hotty Loves You Eternal Live At The S. Wavelab] 3. Electro [KLF R] 7.

Techno Gate Mix [US 12"] A Cappella 3. Radio Edit 4. Dub Version 5. Jones Bartender Mix 8. BAND - Genie 12" 5. Listette Melendez - Together Forever 2. Meridian Mix 5. Weekend Vocal 2. Weekend Cool Dub 3. ZINO feat. David] [RS ]. ZAZU - Andromeda 2. Original Disco Mix 8. V Dancedub 3.