Love Affair of Agent Moncrief

Artist: Buddy Moncrief
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This song is full of ultra-cool vibe and atmosphere. Tenor sax and piano solos. Hip retro jazz orchestra lays down some funky elevator muzak masquerading as Bossa Nova. Flute, trombone, and trumpet take turns on lead.

Guitar solo. Smokey, soulful love song crooned by male blues singer. Guitar, piano, bass, drum backing. Lyrics about how fulfilled and excited he is with his new found love. Upbeat, energetic Latin salsa with a retro feel. Great vibe for classic mambo and salsa dancing.

Full Latin orchestra and jazz crooner. Fun lyrics with a "Papa Love Mambo" influence. A nice and light, jazzy version of the Christmas classic. Medium-slow 12 bar vocal blues with jazz harmonic overtones featuring piano, electric guitar, acoustic bass, and drums. Bluesy swing feel. Guitar and piano takes turns answering vocals and taking solos. Bluesy dark piano jazz in minor key with acoustic bass and brush drums. Feelings of solitude, isolation, and despair, but within a jazz context. Ultra-cool big band arrangement blasts out a call and response with male jazz vocalist.

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Terminal Velocity Relaxed but bouncy jazz trio tune featuring excellent lead trumpet, fine guitar comping, and solid bass work. Or maybe she's a terrorist, secretly plotting against the United States. Goldfinger Tex was so angry that he skipped the wedding and canceled the reception at his house, she said. What a thrilling ride. Beautiful lead trumpet melody backed by fine jazz rhythm section.

Lyrics jump between two themes, romance and gambling; ultimately deciding that confidence and attitude are the keys to success. Swinging big band jazz instrumental. Sax section belts out a bouncing melody, answered by trumpets and trombones. Sound reminiscient of the great big bands from era. Harmonized horn trio tenor sax, alto sax, trumpet belts out a compelling melody in this retro-modern jazz instrumental. Well placed bridge transitions to a warm, Wes Montgomery-influenced guitar.

Tenor sax, trumpet, and bass solos.

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A nice and jazzy version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, available both as a Vocal jazz version and an Instrumental jazz version. Traditional jazz trio, all live recording. The Instrumental version is great as background music for lounges, bars, lobbies etc. Fun funk rock number with Tower of Power, James Brown style horn section trumpet, trombone, alto sax, tenor sax and stellar Hammond B3 organ work.

Clever lyric creates a metaphor from bacon.

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Driving rhythm section funky electric guitar, drums, and slapping bass. Blistering lead guitar solo with wah-wah peddle. Cool, jazzy, stripped down version of the famous Christmas Carol with a slight blues feel.

Swinging vocal ensemble number. Tight rhythm section accompanies big voiced Sinatra-type crooner. Fine guitar solo. Clever lyrics re-visit the classic song - but this is not your father's Route 66, it's a new look at one of the most storied highways in music history; 21st century viewpoint. Quirky, cool jazz number with a retro television game show feel. Upbeat and pleasant, classic big band jazz groove for advertising, restaurant, pubs, parties etc. Swinging quartet and male jazz vocalist deliver the goods on this tale of an arrogant guy who is just a little too important for the rest of us.

Funny, sarcastic, up-tempo, full of brash. Fun, campy feel. Mellow acoustic vocal jazz track with bossa nova feel. Coming-of-age lyrics with poignant feeling. Cool trumpet and marimba solos. Great background track, but lyrical content is still very strong. Got it! View our cookie policy Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law. Artist: Buddy Moncrief. Close filters Show filters.

Per page 20 50 Found 90 tracks. First Previous 1 2 Next Last. Go back. Play Green Grass J Swanson.

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By Buddy Moncrief. Play Hey Santa Buddy. Play 10, Miles Away. Play Silent Night Swingin'. Play Bonus Round. Play Top Shelf Samba. Play Silent Night Big Band. One day very soon, Michael J. He never intended to serve more than four terms. Leaving elective office is a double loss for those he touched, because, similar to a small church that calls a preacher, Fort Worth had a two-fer the past eight years. Rosie Moncrief is an integral part of the package, and people interviewed for this article found it nearly impossible to separate one from the other.

She has set the bar very high. To say we are grateful seems woefully inadequate. In the House, he secured passage of major drug legislation and was responsible for the bill that authorized the construction of the Fort Worth State School. At the end of his legislative term, he was voted Legislator of the Year by his fellow members.

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One example: New senators traditionally are introduced by their wives at an event the night before the session begins attended by the governor, former governors and other elected officials. Rosie made notes on her speech on a yellow legal pad on the trip to Austin and decided she needed to mix in a little humor. Before I walked up, I saw Gov. I thought Ann Richards was going to fall out of her chair laughing. He is always for the underdog and always trying to take care of people who need help. She was not symbolic. She worked hard and was very important to this city.

Proust or someone discarded the sheet or lost it. Thus we do not know how the translator justified his choice of the general title that Schiff and Proust were the first, but far from the last, to criticize. Proust was already ill with the chest cold that would kill him in just over two months. He died on November 18, His task would be completed by Sydney Schiff, writing as Stephen Hudson. In a letter to his daughter Scottie, F. Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. Scott Moncrieff. Scott Moncrieff, edited and annotated by William C. The Proust Project , edited by Andre Aciman.

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