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welcome.netdollar.co/81-chloroquine-phosphate-store.php I want you to lean upon me, to step right out upon me in total trust.

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It's a decision of the trusting heart. If somebody is coming to this place tonight, and you're not a believer, you're still outside of the fold. But I want to add the way right through the life of the kingdom is a trusting heart. You see, the first step is trust. So the walk is a projection of those steps all the way along the life, right through to the end of the journey.

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But I want you to notice something that is absolutely tremendous and that has challenged my heart deeply as I've meditated upon this text. In this decision of a trusting heart, two tremendous principles are involved. First, the total capitulation of your heart to God. A total capitulation to God. It's a total commitment of your will. Will you notice what the text said? God does not accept your trust unless it's total.

Oh, my friend, tonight my first challenge to you is this: Are there any reservations? I don't believe a man should preach the Word of God or expound the truth of God without backing it by his experience, and I'm not given usually to telling stories about myself. But I'm encouraged to do so tonight. And I want to tell you just how that touched me at a point in my life and revolutionized my entire direction.

Total capitulation to God. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. I was born in Africa and at a very young age committed my life to Jesus Christ, was baptized and brought into the church there. But for several long years in my life, I wandered in the wilderness. I never knew the great experience of victory and fullness in that land of milk and honey in Canaan.

Those are all figures of speech just to show what life in Christ is like.

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The Ephesian equivalent is: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ" But I had a quarrel with God, and that quarrel with God was that I wasn't going to go his way. I was going to go my way. I'd been brought up on a mission station, and I had seen times when we faced almost stark starvation. I'd seen some of the trials and tribulations that a missionary has to go through, and my concept of a Christian service was discipleship and constancy and suffering.

And, frankly, I wasn't prepared for that. I decided to carve out my own empire, and I was given a tantalizing invitation to take a job on the west coast of Africa as an engineer. But I had to have a degree. And so I started to study for my degree, and I loved it, every minute of it. I like the practical side, and I was set for this great career.


But the tragedy is: in our own lives we can unconsciously be making these decisions apart from God - making decisions everyday and we don't even realise we're doing it without God! And I am pressing hard that word direct , cut a highway, because God gives us guidance to see the pathway. It didn't matter. When Dawn finds herself in a strange city, she relies on her faith and the aid of a pastor to help We can trust in the Lord, yes, that He's in control; yes, that He says He's in control - but at that moment when we need to know He's in control, His grace will be sufficient for us. We must own and depend upon it in all our affairs - both by faith and by prayer'.

But I knew deep down in my heart that this was my way, not God's way, and it led me completely astray. Although I know God does restore the years that the locusts have eaten, it's still a scar and still a regret. I was working on fast machines at the time, because that was a project that I was given. I chose the motorbike. And I used to know everything about a motorcycle, and I developed a form of carburetion that pushed the air into the carburetor faster in order to vaporize the gas and produce better explosion for greater speed.

And I took it to races, and I won race after race and cup after cup, and I was very proud about it. But God was seeking to teach me a lesson, and God brought me to a halt one day when he permitted something to happen to give me a good spanking. I was thrown from a fast machine and partly concussed. Before I could recover, I caught a serious form of double pneumonia. In those days they didn't have the drugs we have today, and they wrote me off.

They said I had two weeks to live. And I was told that. And to cut a long story short, God met me at that point of utter desperation. My father was in Africa, thousands of miles away. It took three months for a letter to get to him and back again. And yet without knowing at all, what was happening in my life and how I was disgracing his name, God gave him the inspiration to write me a letter, which arrived just at the point of my greatest need. My mother brought that letter in one afternoon.

I closed my eyes and didn't want to talk to anybody. I had refused to see any of the elders of the church.

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Somebody may say, “I am trusting God that He will give me this job. Today's devotion is excerpted from “Developing a Trusting Heart” by Dr. Robert Jeffress. We will never practice immediate, total, and joyful obedience until we first develop a trusting heart. A trusting heart allows our confidence in.

I'd been sent home from the hospital. As soon as she left, I opened that letter. It was very short. Nothing about shooting leopards or lions or elephants or gazelles. Just a little introduction and then these words: "My son, this is of most importance. Only one life shall soon be passed. Only what's done for Jesus will last. I want to tell you, that was a heavenly sledgehammer. It pulverized me. Two weeks to live, and I had to stand before him. Two weeks to live, and I had lived for self alone, nothing to show for my life.

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And my heart absolutely melted within me. Crushed and broken by the sense of my wretchedness and sin and conviction, I slipped from my bed. I wasn't allowed to move, but I slipped to my knees and I cried to God for mercy. And God not only healed my body, he restored my soul.

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Something happened in my life, which the Holy Spirit took possession of, and peace came in that has never left me. That was the peak point of my whole Christian experience. Though God's taken me higher, I still remember that because that was the turning point. But now what was going to happen? While I was recuperating on the south coast of England, a dear old missionary from the Barbados met me, and he stopped me.

He said, "Are you Stephen Olford? And I coined something that I've used thousands and thousands of times in meetings over the 30 years since I've been in the ministry. A lot of preachers have picked it up, but there's a little something I coined there, and I never heard it before. I said, "I'm prepared to go anywhere, at any time, at any cost for Jesus. He said, "Will you kneel right down here and tell him?

He said, "Kneel down here. It was a lovely, sunny day. He said, "Will you kneel down here? There we were with hundreds of people, kneeling between two whalebones crying to God. But it didn't matter. It didn't matter. And I just looked up and said, "Lord, any place, any time, any cost.

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I had to go back to Plymouth, the very city from which the Mayflower sailed away into this country, my childhood home. And I went to see my professor, and I told him the story. He was enraged. He said, "I want to graduate you. You mean to say you're going to let me down now? So I told him my story, and I held to my conviction. And he swung away on that chair of his. He looked out at the playing fields of that technical college. He paused for a moment, and swung back and looked at me.

There were big tears in his eyes. Forgive and forget. Ask yourself, do you still want to waste your time being angry, cynical, or hostile? Probably not. Forget those trivialities of life that used to irritate you. Count your blessings and see all the good things that surround you. Brought to you by: American Institute for Preventive Medicine. Stress Management at Work. Biofeedback Training and Relaxation. Thinking Differently. Time Management. Communication and Stress. Confide in someone else.

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Catch yourself having mistrustful thoughts. The Trusting Heart is available in trade paperback and ebook formats from Chiron Publications. Praise for the book Stanley Krippner, PhD Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Institute Co-author, Personal Mythology and Haunted by Combat There is a plethora of first-person accounts describing substance addiction but The Trusting Heart is one-of-a-kind because Michael Aanavi takes his reader on an unforgettable journey into his own psyche as well as his ethnic and familial milieu.

This book has a range that is both broad and deep, both philosophical and intimate, encompassing ancestral trauma, Jewish cuisine, teenage drug dealing, somatic experiencing, and mindfulness meditation. It is a coming of age story that brilliantly evokes how the author succumbed to the opiate embrace but eventually awakened to recovery.

Carol Award: Novella: Winner: A Trusting Heart

Integrating the wisdom of Taoism, archetypal psychology and his own embodied experiences, Aanavi reframes the recovery process from a life-long letting go of destructive habits to a radical opportunity for spiritual transformation. Aanavi describes in beautiful prose the everlasting energy of trauma, how it passes from generation to generation, and the ways in which this intergenerational injury arises in self-destructive acts and tendencies. Indeed, it is a guidebook for those who bear the burdens of those who came before, which, in a very real sense, is each of us.

Michael Aanavi finds a way to connect the acutely intra-personal nightmare of trauma and addiction to the universal embrace of the transpersonal and the legacy of the multi-generational, encompassing a fascinating blend of traditional Chinese medicine, Jung, pop culture and philosophy from all corners of the planet in between.