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Salon Marketing Ideas you are probably Ignoring but Shouldn’t
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  • Keep up to date with every new upload!. Apps such as Instagram are amazing free marketing tools for your salon to be noticed by millions of potential clients Read More. Email validation is one way to get a good return on investment ROI. Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that a small to medium hair business has to talk to existing customers, build customer loyalty, spread awareness and enhance brand reputation.

Sales and Marketing Basics (Online Class)

Fact: the hair industry is energy intensive. One person washing their hair every day with a rinse, Read More. So why not introduce Read More. Read more. Producing a collection can be a great way to promote your salon business. Apps such as Instagram are amazing free marketing tools for your salon to be noticed by millions of potential clients Read More Read more. The Basics of Email Marketing for Your Hair Business Last updated January 30, Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that a small to medium hair business has to talk to existing customers, build customer loyalty, spread awareness and enhance brand reputation.

Big players across a gamut of segments are roping in food bloggers, travel enthusiasts, fashion bloggers and digital marketers who have a loyal social media following to promote their offerings. It is a tried-and-tested method and really works your salon wants to gain popularity. Before roping in an influencer to promote your salon, do a little research on them.

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Make sure their values and overall ethos matches your salon personality. Launch a salon chatbot : Chatbots are extremely underrated but a super useful tool for salons. You must consider incorporating one on your salon website. If a potential customer has a query, they can ask the chatbot and get a response instantly.

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If someone is interested in booking an appointment, they can instantly be redirected to the online booking link on the salon management software. Another way chatbots help is by turning your social media fans into clients. For example, if someone comments on your post, you can start a friendly conversation with them and tell them about your services.

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Try Salon Iris software absolutely free for 14 days! Both of these prerequisites are easily achieved with the Versum system, as it includes functionalities which help you run the loyalty program, send bulk messages, and conduct the automatic marketing the system independently sends text messages or emails to clients who have not visited your salon for an extended period. Before anything else, you need to make sure customers can find your business. The discount will need to be higher than other smaller incentives because customers will be paying for the deal on the spot but the investment should be worth it when you start seeing your business booming. Leaflets, in turn — distributed outside the salon, for example in busy parts of the city — will make it easier to provide detailed information about your services to people who have not yet come across your business.

You never know when this can turn into them actually booking an appointment. Launch a photo booth in your salon : The best way to stand out on social media is by investing in a beautiful salon interior. Creating a lovely ambience is not only about pampering your clients but also helps to gain online attention as well. All you need is a cosy nook, quirky wallpaper and some great lighting.

How To Get New Clients In Your Chair - Salon Marketing Tips

Every time a client gets their hair or nails done, get them to pose against your backdrop. If the composition of the pictures is great, more people will want to drop by your salon. Track who visits your website : You can always generate reports to see who visits your website. Quite often it so happens that someone finds your salon on Google, they visit it, get distracted and leave without taking any action. If the bounce rate on your salon website is high, you need to do something about it.

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The best way to retarget these people is by showing them ads on Facebook. Send out monthly newsletters : Most salon owners find email marketing boring and old-school.

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  • Sales and Marketing Basics (Online Class).

When done right, email marketing has a huge impact on your branding and sales. Dig out your client email database from your spa management software and start creating content for your newsletter. When you start sharing beauty tips and hacks with your clients, they view your salon as an important source of information. Besides sharing tips, you can also put the spotlight on your retail products. Write a little about the benefits of each product. You could also invite your clients to your salon to sample these. This way you can at least ensure to get them through the door.

Sales and Marketing Basics (Online Class)

Elite Beauty Society helps make running your business easier by giving you the marketing skills to build the clientele you deserve. So before you put any other salon marketing idea into practice, make sure you have the basics in place that allow you to be visible when.

Just remember not to use much industry jargon and a sales pitch. Here are some promotional email ideas.