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Regulators will need to develop a policy-driven response to such technologies by. It cannot be stressed too often that the question here. Oriflame takes a st ro n g stance o n i mportant social a n d ethical i s su es such as child labour, [ L'Oriflame p rend une position for te su r les questions so ciale s e t morales i mpo rtant es telles [ We too could have taken up a stance a n d refused to budge on this matter but we decided to adopt a more reasonable [ The Eurosystem has emphasised that banks should benefit from such a monitoring framework, as it should help them to defend themselves.

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The fact that all Canadian jurisdictions have minimum wage legislation leads me to believe that there is [ Le fait que l'ensemble des provinces et des territoires [ Sustainability is part of our corporate culture and our brand, [ Elle fait partie de la culture de l'entreprise et [ For a number of years now it has [ In such a state of affairs, the very idea of protecting wildlife must perforce seem [ This is a sensible precaution from a business perspective as [ By your example, by your commitment, by your [ Une analyse plus approfondie montrerait chacune des grandes composantes du professionnalisme sur un continuum distinct.

Par ailleurs, il arrive souvent qu'un principe entre en conflit avec un autre. Il en est ainsi parce que le grand public a consenti aux lois tandis que seuls les membres de la profession ont consenti aux dispositions du code. Les valeurs s'assimilent aux principes. Le Code vise les objectifs suivants :.


Voir l'annexe A. Il existe plusieurs variations sur cette approche. Vivier and I. Frechon encountered the problem of requesting parental consent to interview the children in this case, the consent did not even concern images.

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The researchers therefore decided to include in the interview guide for adult children a question on what they think of parental consent to interview year-olds:. In particular, if we want to interview under-age participants, we have to inform their parents or legal guardians and ask for their consent. This is compulsory before any study.

After that, every young person is of course free to agree or refuse to participate. Do you think having to ask for parental consent is a problem? After drafting various documents and posting them to people, the researchers encountered a series of institutional and administrative interfaces, some of which put up barriers.

The preliminary precaution of contractual documents requesting consent from the research participants would come under professional conduct, while vigilance of the respect of the contract and the nature of the relationship with the participants would come under ethics.

This approach to ethics is fully relevant, from the epistemological and methodological as well as the social and professional viewpoints, because it deeply engages the researchers and those who work with them sponsors or research participants to regularly review the fieldwork and the sometimes unsuspected issues that arise as it progresses. For the time being, I am developing my ethics, my field policy, on the basis of that category.

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We can never completely eliminate that factor in a context of judiciarisation Commaille ; Rouvillois ; Serre that also affects researchers in human and social sciences, particularly anthropologists. This context affects the very identity of the researcher, individually and collectively. Personally, I will be relieved to learn that such a genre will never see the light of day. Pinto ed. Beaud S. Bonnet D. Bronner G.

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Rawls rejects the person as a concept because of the confusing use of the term. Cagan, P. The community to which any given person belongs is an all-inclusive entity whose worth depends on its configuration size, quantity of norms, quality of the corpus of norms, community effectiveness, etc. C astra Michel , Bien mourir. Review of Allan D. La vaccination des corps, des personnes et des populations.

Clifford J. Writing Culture. The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography. The Predicament of Culture. Twentieth Century Ethnography, Literature and Art. Commaille J. Danic I. Desclaux A. Dussy D. Filiod J. La place et les usages de la photographie dans le domaine ethnologique. Vander Gucht ed.

Quelques réflexions sur l'éthique dans le domaine bio-médical

Combessie, L. Monjaret ed. Ethnographies plurielles. Griaule M. Guillemin M. Issenhuth P. Neyrat ed. Jacknis I. Laurens S. Luhmann N. La confiance.


Mauss M. Mayer M.

La morale et l'éthique

Mahon A. Mead M. Morrow V. Nanteuil de M. Bevort, A.

Jobert, M.