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The next day Miss Matty is so excited to attend the show that she prepares early and rushes Mary to do so as well. Shortly after Signor Brunoni's show, there is a spike in robberies. The ladies begin to believe Brunoni is responsible, even though he is no longer in town, and perhaps even a spy for the French. Miss Matty is also concerned, and she, Mary Smith, and Martha check the house every evening before bed.

Soon after, Miss Pole also believes there is some trouble brewing when odd things happen, such as a beggar coming to the house and two men lurking around the premises as well. Similar things happen at Mrs. Mulliner attempted to confront the evildoers, scaring off the assailants. In the fracas, Mrs. Jamieson's dog, Carlo, died. Miss Pole then sees the gang, 2 men and a woman, which came with their appearance including glowing auras. Later, Mrs. Forrester invites everyone to come to celebrate her wedding anniversary. Everyone attends in spite of difficult traveling conditions to support Mrs.

Forrester's night reminiscing as a widow. Showing their bravery the women confront their fears by discussing them. Miss Matty was fearful there may be a man hidden under her bed, while Miss Jenkyns thought it would be terrible to find a man staring at her from underneath a bed.

Forrester resigns to hiring boy from the cottages to keep an eye on her home. This comes with instructions that the boy should attack any strange noises with the Major's sword. Miss Pole and Lady Glenmire go for a walk to visit a lady famous for knitting socks. Unfortunately, they become lost on the way, so they inquire for directions. Meeting two men and a woman, Miss Pole ponders as to whether these are the burglars. Roberts, owner of the lodging place where Miss Pole and Lady Glenmire ask for directions, is insulted as if she stands accused.

She goes to look for one of the apparent members of the gang, who is coincidentally Signor Brunoni, but now discovered to be an Englishman named Samuel Brown. Lady Glenmire offers to have a Dr. Hoggins look him over. As Mary Smith is talking to Mrs. Brown, she learns of their time in India. Signor had been in the 31st regiment, but during that time she lost six children. Finally having a daughter named Phoebe, Mrs. Brown cannot bear to lose another child, and asks to go back to England.

They save up, and when Phoebe is born they set off for the journey back to England. And as they near the end of their journey to leave India, Phoebe becomes ill. Meeting an Englishman named Aga Jenkyns, he nursed the baby back to health. Also, considering Peter vanished in India, curiosity abounds. As Cranford, particularly Mrs. Jamieson and Lady Glenmire, took in Mr. Brown, the extra time spent between Lady Glenmire and Dr. Hoggins leads to Mrs. Fitz-Adam, Dr. This time was also lengthened when one of Mrs.

Jamieson's servants became ill, which require more interaction between the Dr. This is quite the development for Cranford, the town struggles for an appropriate response, and this momentarily overshadows any discussion of Peter. However, the new spring fashion have arrived at the Johnson shop, and this may be the diversion Cranford needs. The post-woman brings two letters to Miss Matty's house, one for herself and one for Mary Smith. Mary's letter was from her father, informing her of his continued good health and mentions the Town and County Bank, which Miss Matty has stock in.

Miss Matty's letter comes directly from the bank, informing her of an important meeting. The ladies travel to Johnson's to inspect the latest clothing arrivals. Miss Matty considers a new silk gown, a great departure from Miss Jenkyns's style. The shop man has also received a letter about the bank and informs the ladies that there are reports out that it is likely to break. This concerns the ladies. The following morning news comes that the bank has stopped payment, and Miss Matty is now financially ruined. Miss Matty attempts to deal with her financial ruin, and is supported by Martha, who refuses to leave.

However, Miss Matty's finances made this a necessity, as she considers taking a single room and working as a teacher, a profession that Mary consider to be ill-suited to her. Mary Smith asks her father for advice, and a magnificent meal is made by Martha to console Miss Matty. Martha suggests that she will marry Jem Hearn, and asks Miss Matty to lodge with them. The next morning, Miss Pole sends a letter suggesting a meeting with Mary and others. The women of Cranford discuss Miss Matty's plight, and resolve to help her.

Miss Matty speaks of her own plan, which was that Martha and Jem were to be married without delay, and that they could live at Miss Matty's house after a sale.

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Miss Matty's sale goes well, and she is able to retain some of her belongings. Mary leaves Miss Matty making a living by selling tea out of her parlor. Hoggins return to Cranford. Hoggins casts aside her aristocratic roots as Lady Glenmire , and is genuinely thrilled with Mr. Not long after, Martha is about to have her first lying-in. She summons Mary back to Cranford to break the news to Miss Matty. Edmund Carter, estate manager for Lady Ludlow, takes an interest in young Harry Gregson, the bright son of a poor local family, and offers him both work and an education.

When a valuable piece of historic lace belonging to Mrs. Forrester is swallowed by a cat, she and Octavia Pole discover a novel new use for a Wellington boot. Major Gordon proposes to Jessie Brown, for the second time, before his regiment is to be sent to India, but she refuses him because she believes she cannot leave her father alone. However, when it is revealed at Lady Ludlow's annual garden party that the railway will be passing close to Cranford, and that Captain Brown will be away on railway business for long periods of time, his daughter, Jessie, regrets her decision.

Greatly dismayed at the news of the railway's arrival is Deborah Jenkyns, who accuses Captain Brown of deceiving them. Upon returning from Lady Ludlow's annual garden party, she complains of a terrible headache and, moments later, collapses in her bedroom and dies later that night.

Harrison's romance with Sophy Hutton blossoms, only to be hindered when he cannot save her brother from the croup.

The vicar's daughter suffers a crisis of faith. Dr Harrison's friend Dr Marshland comes to visit for Christmas and returns just prior to Valentine's Day , when he causes mischief by sending a card suggesting marriage to Caroline Tomkinson, who believes it came from Dr Harrison, whose romance with Sophy Hutton reignites.

Dr Marshland also seems to take a liking to Mary Smith.

Cranford by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Guilty of poaching on Lady Ludlow's estate but mistakenly accused of assault and robbery instead, Harry Gregson's father Job finds himself in gaol until Lady Ludlow is persuaded by both Mr. Carter's pleas and seeing for herself the abject poverty in which the Gregson family lives, uses her influence to have the charges dropped. Thomas Holbrook is reunited with Matty Jenkyns. In their younger years, their marriage plans were disrupted by her family's disapproval and a scandal involving her brother Peter.

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Cranford is a British television series directed by Simon Curtis and Steve Hudson . The teleplay by Heidi Thomas was adapted from three novellas by Elizabeth. Cranford may refer to: Cranford (novel), an novel by Elizabeth Gaskell; Cranford (TV series), a BBC television adaptation of Cranford and other works by .

When Mr. Holbrook contracts pneumonia on a journey back from Paris and dies, Miss Matty indicates she now considers herself a widow. Miss Matty learns the bank in which she has invested has failed, but she is determined to keep the news about her financial distress from her friends. The railway construction approaches nearer to Lady Ludlow's land but, instead of selling acreage to the railway, she mortgages her property to support her ne'er-do-well son Septimus, who is living in Italy.

Dr Harrison asks Reverend Hutton for permission to court Sophy. However, both Caroline Tomkinson and Mrs Rose mistakenly believe the doctor is interested in them. During the May Day celebration, Caroline's sister reveals to Reverend Hutton that Caroline is marrying the young man, an announcement that shocks Mrs Rose, who thought she was his intended bride. Confronting Dr Harrison who is nonplussed as to how he gave either woman such an impression , the vicar brings Dr Harrison's courtship of his daughter to an abrupt halt. The ladies of Cranford learn about Miss Matty's financial distress and secretly contribute to her welfare, with the sudden influx of cash explained as being due to the discovery of an error in the bank's bookkeeping.

Miss Matty opens a shop selling tea in her parlour. Carter discovers that Lady Ludlow mortgaged the Hanbury estate to meet her son's financial demands, even though she may not have the resources to keep up the repayments. Despite Dr Harrison's protestations of innocence, Dr Morgan advises him to leave Cranford, since patients no longer will see him.

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The Society exists through the help and generosity of its members. Forrester delightedly goes down on her knees in the lantern-lit snow to welcome her new pet. The doctor and Sophy are reconciled when he saves her from a potentially fatal attack of typhoid. Caroline Tomkinson 5 episodes, Philip Glenister Farmer Graves 2 episodes, Imogen Byron Dictionary of Literary Biography. Here at Bel Giardino we hand select every ingredient in each dish for freshness, quality, and authenticity.

Mr Johnson 7 episodes, Andrew Buchan Jem Hearne 6 episodes, Claudie Blakley Martha 6 episodes, Debra Gillett Mrs Johnson 6 episodes, Francesca Annis Lady Ludlow 6 episodes, Emma Lowndes Bella Gregson 6 episodes, Simon Woods Dr Harrison 5 episodes, Rosy Byrne Lizzie Hutton 5 episodes, Kimberley Nixon Sophy Hutton 5 episodes, John Bowe Dr Morgan 5 episodes, Selina Griffiths Caroline Tomkinson 5 episodes, Philip Glenister Mr Carter 5 episodes, Lesley Manville Mrs Rose 5 episodes, Hester Odgers Helen Hutton 5 episodes, Julia Sawalha Jessie Brown 5 episodes, Greg Wise Sir Charles Maulver 5 episodes, Hannah Hobley Bertha 4 episodes, Hannah Stokely Bessie 4 episodes, Bessie Carter Margaret Gidman 3 episodes, Dean Lennox Kelly Job Gregson 3 episodes, Andrew Byrne Malachi Gregson 3 episodes, Joe McFadden Jack Marshland 3 episodes, Finty Williams William Buxton 2 episodes, Eileen Atkins Miss Deborah Jenkyns 2 episodes, Lesley Sharp Mrs Bell 2 episodes, Jodie Whittaker Peggy Bell 2 episodes, Matthew McNulty Edward Bell 2 episodes, Jonathan Pryce Mr Buxton 2 episodes, Michelle Dockery Erminia Whyte 2 episodes, Haydon Downing Walter Hutton 2 episodes, Nicholas Le Prevost Mr Peter Jenkyns 2 episodes, Alistair Petrie Major Gordon 2 episodes, Michael Gambon Mulliner 2 episodes, Patricia Leach Gypsy Woman 2 episodes, Andrew Westfield Farmer Graves 2 episodes, Imogen Byron Edit Storyline In the s, Cranford is ruled by the ladies.

Genres: Drama. Language: English. Runtime: min total runtime 60 min 5 parts. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia The span of the story in the first mini-series is a year, from the summer of to the summer of The second mini-series takes place in Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page.

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Add episode. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Miss Matty Jenkyns 7 episodes, Mrs Forrester 7 episodes, Mary Smith 7 episodes, Miss Tomkinson 7 episodes, Harry Gregson 7 episodes, Captain Brown 7 episodes, Miss Galindo 7 episodes, Mr Johnson 7 episodes, Jem Hearne 6 episodes, Martha 6 episodes, Mrs Johnson 6 episodes, Lady Ludlow 6 episodes, Bella Gregson 6 episodes, Dr Harrison 5 episodes, Lizzie Hutton 5 episodes,